Nowhere to run

Issac glanced at Nyla, who seemed to be examining him, and noticed the faint scar just above her eyebrow. Just seeing it made Issac cringe, bringing back the images that are scarred in his brain.

"Are you OK?" Nyla repeated, her pale violet eyes still scanned over his whole face. "I really don't belive you."

Issac walked to the other side of the room and struck his hand against the wall

"Do you seriously expect me to tell you?" Issac muttered, just above hearning. "I'm trapped in a place I don't know, I barely know you and we are both stuck in this room. What are you going to do?"

Issac kicked the wall, and slumped down onto the floor.

Nyla in tears now, stepped over to him. She placed her hand on  the small of his back.

"Nothing, that's exactly what I can do. But the last element to be stored here, did the exact thing you did. He's tied up in the room next door, muzzled, chained, locked and blindfoled." Issac could see that Nyla was formed from compassion now, every cell in her body, screaming to help him in some way. "Don't do that to yourself, don't get angry, or you will end up the same way."

Issac, doing the only thing he knew how to do in times where someone actually cared, pushed Nyla away and stood up.

Whith his back still towards her, Issac gritted his teeth.

"There is nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Be thankful you are alive." Nyla said, with a darkened tone. "Even if you would rather die."

Issac cocked his head to the side,and spoke.

"I will get out of here, and yea, I know they are listening, I will escape and save the one person I truly care about."

The End

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