Nyla watched as the newest prisoner slept. She normally wouldn't have, it just didn't seem right. But she had nothing else to do, even watching paint dry would have been something.

So it was only natural she would have watched him toss and turn, even talking in his sleep. He seemed happy, but before long his shirt was sticking to him from the cold sweat and he was talking feverishly.

Then he bolted upright without warning, eliciting a startled yell from Nyla. She blushed slightly, and she jumped so high, she could have sworn she nearly touched the ceiling.

She was about to tease him when he leaned over and threw up. It was an awkward moment when she was just standing there, a slight blush still evident on her pale face.

Then someone came in through the door, a doctor of some sort, and started looking him over. Nyla felt a tinge of the helplessness return, stinging at her stomach.

"Is.. is he ok?" she asked tentatively. Some of the people here were nice, some... weren't.

"He doesn't appear to have anything wrong with him, if that's what you mean." the doctor said. "Though, he does look like he's just seen a ghost."

Nyla bit her lip as three more men came in to clean up the mess. Though, when they did, they released his wrist restraints. He still looked shaky and paler than usual, but he seemed like he was getting better.

She walked over to him. "You ok?" she whispered. "Are they listening?" he asked back. It wasn't the response she'd been expecting, but she answers anyway. "They're always listening."

He sighed, then said "Well then I guess I'm fine." though the look in his eyes was all she needed to know. Not only was there fear, but a certain look she couldn't quit place. Was it... despair?

The boy that she had met just yesterday seemed like a completely different person. There was no fight, no cheer. She touched his shoulder lightly, and he sighed in response.

It was odd. She felt comfortable around him, like she'd known him for a long time. But she hadn't known him for more then 24 hours. And like the air escaping his lips, his dread seemed to slip away.

The End

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