Shadows from the past

"But, before the accident, you were never like that." Issac whispered, trying hard not to think of the memories he so carefully tucked away. "You were never, darkness."

The scene around him started shifting once again. The colors of the school faded, and Issac felt his stomach lurch. The cool blue of the sky began to darken, the whole school disappeared into the blackness. Issac felt small, compared to the utter blackness surrounding him.

"Let's take a dive in your memories." Izzie chuckled, as if she was amused. "You weren't an element before the accident either."

She “walked” over to Issac and put her hands on his head. He could feel pain itself radiating from her pores, true darkness

“This, is going to sting.” She whispered in his ear. “I’m going to probe your memories, about that fateful day, about the accident. I want you to see your side of the story, before you can see mine.”

The End

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