Izzie's story

With a snap of her fingers, the shadows around Isaac and Izzie began reshaping. They lifted Isaac and Izzy from the floor just a few inches, just enough to let a thin layer under their feet.

When the darkness began swirling around Isaac's leg and climbing, he started to panic. "Don't worry. Just let it take you." Izzie told him calmly. Almost serene.

As the tendrils of black smoke licked up the side of his arms, he had to close his eyes and take deep breaths to keep from completely freaking out. And everywhere it touched him he became a little bit numb and freezing cold.

Then finally it covered his eyes and he didn't have to close them anymore.Then he was outside again. It was sunny, bright, and smelled of fresh cut grass. He looked around trying to figure out where he was. "Don't look down." came the voice of Izzie, though he couldn't see her.

Of course, he did look down, though he wished he hadn't. He was in the sky! He was going to die for sure this time! But, something was wrong. No, two things.

One, he wasn't falling. There was no wind flying past him, the terrain wasn't growing. And second, he couldn't see himself. He held his hand right in front of his face, but nothing.

"Where.. where are we." Isaac asked as he desperately tried to find her. Was she invisible too?

"We're at my school, almost 2 weeks ago. Now just watch." Izzie replied, and as she spoke the scene in front of him seemed to shimmer and run like some sort of dripping paint with shards of diamond stuck in it.

The scene reformed in front of him, but instead of being 1,000 feet in the air, he was just barely above the roof of a school. Below him, was Izzie. There were these three thugs surrounding her. They're the same people that came for me! Isaac realized.

They were getting to her, and Isaac could clearly see the big burly man that had come into his room earlier with a tranquilizer gun a long distance away behind some shrubs.

But things turned out differently for her than they had him. Izzie, just as Isaac had done, transformed herself into her element. Shadows burst forth from her, lights inside the school flicked off. Then she fused with the shadows on the ground and seemingly fell through it.

Isaac knew this trick though. She had come back up in a shadow behind the school.However, once he found her in the back, she was holding her head trying not to scream. But her efforts didn't pay off. A shrill, animalistic shriek escaped from her. Then even more shadows flooded from her and even the sun seemed to dim down. She took a running start and jumped the full length of the school building.

The thugs turned around to face her, stunned, as she manipulated the shadows cast by their own bodies. The shadows rose from the ground and simultaneously knocked every man out. Except, of course, the one she didn't know about. The man with the dart gun.

He fired at her, but as soon as it passed into a shadow it stopped like it had hit a wall and dropped to the ground. Izzie shriek again, and leaped at the man.

But there were no shadows around him, he was directly under the sun. But the man didn't know of her restraint, and he was quick to run to the car and drive, abandoning his partners.

The End

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