The Coming

Issac woke up from his slumber, wondering who the girl he was dreaming of was. He stood up and walked from where he lay, wait, he stood up! Issac glanced back at his resting place and noticed that there was no chains, or fire resistant foam. He looked down at his wrists and found them clean and healed, not bloody and raw.

"What the heck.." Issac trailed off as he noticed a window in the white room. He was too busy to notice that Nyla was gone. Slowly treading to the cracked window, glass warped from years of sun, Issac placed his hand on the sill. He dug his fingers into the opening, trying to open it , trying to escape.

The window stuck, but that only made Issac angrier, he began to dig his fingers into the rotting wood. Blood begain to drizzle down his wrists as the wood splintered into his fingers. Then with a burst of adrenilene, he flung the window open, shattering the glass.

Issac stood there and felt the wind on his face. Smoke began to swirl around him, creeping through the room like a lion stalking its prey. Wrapping his hand around the window sill, he looked over the ledge. Down below was a swirling mass of darkness.

It devored any hope Issac had, and thensome. Shakily, He tried to pull away from the window, but found he was unable. The darnkess was drawing him in.

"NO!" Issac screamed, carried by his own two feet, to his impending doom. "I have to finish this! For Izzie!"

Issac felt a pressure on his chest, like a fist was squeezing the life from him. Then he fell, into the darkness, into the abyss.

Death isn't really that bad. Issac thought. Nothing to it, just let yourself slip away. He opened his eyes and found himself in a room again.

"Is this death?" Issac thought aloud "Is this my resting place?"

A girl-like figure stepped from the shadows, covered in a cloak.

"This isn't your death, but for me, it is far worse than hell." The girl spoke.

"Who are you and where am I!?" Issac yelled, ready to fight.

"You should know, Issac." The girl chuckled "Izzie! And you are in a dream, you have to help me."

The End

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