A Prisoner Of Darkness

Oblivion had never felt more near the unfairly young girl, and never before had she wanted to succumb into it so much as now.  She didn't think that there was any sort of pain or agony as strong and powerful as the one she was feeling.  Being burned at the stake, mutilated, or drowned all seemed like pretty good alternatives to escape the burning hell that raged on inside of her.

Would it ever end?

The question was stupid and pointless in its content.  Of course it would never end.  As long as she lived, there would be no mercy - and no turning back.  The path that had been chosen for her so long ago had returned to haunt her since the day of her birth, and would stay with her until the day of her death.

The surprising moment of truth came without surprise, but dragged along with it a constant feeling of drear and forecoming, which only seemed to grow with the days. 

She had fallen prisoner to her senses, unable to so much as defend herself.  Locked up in a cage with iron bars and rat feces on the ground, she was trapped inside of her own body...inside of her own mind.  The feeling of helplessness and inability to take control was a python wrapped around her waist, squeezing the life and light out of her body, until there was nothing left. 

No light.  No life.

Just darkness.

Straightening up, she walked to the old, cracked window and opened it.  Winds crashed with her face, hinted with the delicate aroma of smoke from a fire and pine trees. 

The Element of Darkness continued to wait.

The End

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