The doors opened and a man walked in

A door, the same color white as the walls, swung open without a sound. A man in a pen striped, navy blue suit stepped into the room, quickly closing the door back behind him. His head was shaven and he wore a pair of dark sunglasses.

This was the kind of man that when he smiled, a shiver ran down your spine. And a spine tingling smile was the exact look on this mans face. "I see you're awake." the mystery man said.

"Yep, just woke up. You have great timing!" Nyla said cheerfully. "Oh really?" the man asked. It was strange when he spoke to her, even he seemed susceptable to her cheerfulness. But when his eyes found Isaac's again, the cold was still there and the tingles still passed through him.

"Well, I guess I should welcome you to The Fortress then." the mystery man said, not looking at either of them but instead at the far wall. Was there some sort of two way mirror over there?

"I believe, there is somone who wants to speek to you Isaac." Nyla said squinting at the wall. So what? I'm the only one who can't see it? Isaac asked himself.

The mystery man grinned his widest toothy smile yet, and just for an instant Isaac thought of a wolf snarling. "Very good. Isaac, I'm sure you'd love to get out of those cuffs already. We know you could easily."

What is he getting at? Isaac wondered. Either way, he still tried to call the fire from within him. He tried for what seemed like an hour, but was still too groggy from the tranquilizer to concentrate.

"I can't. I'm not awake enough yet." Isaac complained. "You gave me enough tranquilizer to bring down an elephant."

The man looked him over once more before saying "Well then enjoy your stay." as he walked out the door that was unrecognizable from the rest of the wall.

The End

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