7 hours later...

Issac woke up, feeling the chains wrapped around his wrists. He could feel his skin rubbed raw beneath the dirty iron. Once his vision cleared, he noticed that he was in a container of some sort, filled with what seemed to be, fire resistant foam.

"Hey, he's coming round." Some girl called. "Hey, you must have took a beating, you've been out for a while, few days to be exact."

She had short blonde hair, with pink on the tips. She seemed to be very cheery and bright.

"Where am I?" Issac asked, now wondering why he was tied up and she wasn't.

"Oh, your just in the elemental holding chamber, you know, where they keep us kids in order to......"She stopped and covered her mouth. "Said too much."

She bounced arcross the white washed room and sat in a corner, covered in drawings. They appeared to be made with eyeliner and lipstick.

Issac looked at the vat of foam he was in, and then back at the girl.

"Who are you, and why am I tied up?"

"Me? I'm Nyla, and I'm the light element. You are tied up because you were considered mentally unstable. In a good way."

How can being mentally unstable have a good way? Issac thought.

He wriggled his feet, realizing that they weren't chained up.

He was about to kick his way from the vat when....

The End

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