Super children

"There are six elemental children. The most powerful of all super children." the man began. He stalled for a moment, not truly believing he was actually saying this.

"There is the Child of Earth, the Child of Wind, the Child of Water, the Child of Light, the Child of Darkness, and of course you Isaac. Child of Fire." He raised more questions than he answered. Issac thought ruefully.

"What do you mean, 'most powerful'? Are there more than just the 6 elementals?" This time, it was one of the armed men that spoke. "Yes. To a certain extent, all children do. Their powers usually fade when they turn 17 or so."

Isaac wasn't sure how much he trusted these men. The first one sounded dumb, but the second one probably didn't know the difference between sulfur and salt. Then there was a large pain that burst from his back.

Fire surrounded him once more, disintegrating whatever it was that had struck him. But when he felt himself become dizzy he knew he had acted too late.

I stood there like a fool! Isaac thought to himself.  But he wasn't able to think much else. He hadn't even noticed when he fell to the ground, as by this time the tranquilizer had already taken effect.

The End

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