Issac began after the men

The men began backing up. Of course no one could blame them, it isn't every day a 13 year old you're trying to kidnap jumps from a tree, burts into flames, and glares at you like he was going to kill you.

Isaac wasn't thinking clearly, a side effect of his transformation. To unleash this much power, he had to be mad. And the power power he unleashed made him even angrier. It was a vicious cycle, and by the time he had stopped it he was nearly an animal. Just fire and heat. Everywhere. But nothing harming him. He lifted his right arm and aimed at the center of the men.

They began to scatter, but he didn't care. A plume of smoke and fire shot from his hand like a rocket and began circling them. It herded them into a tight circle, then Isaac completely incased them in a cylinder of white hot flames.

The blinding rage was telling him to kill them. To make them burn and burn until nothing was left. But he wasn't that far gone yet. He still had reason. Realizing just how much power he was using, he extinguished the fire encasing him.

The man who's gun he hadn't disarmed yet had taken aim, and had Isaac not gotten his mind back at that instant he would have been shot. But he used his regained focus to heat the gun. All of it. It turned cherry red in less than a second and the man droped the gun swearing. The other gun wielding man took the chance to throw his gun out of the fiery circle.

"What do you want?" The man with the dreadlocks asked shakily. He was a deadman. Either this boy would kill him, or his boss would. He had only one chance to redeam himself after this. But this he kept to himself.

"Information." responded Isaac coldly. Ironic really."Who is the "other element"? The man didn't answer, so Isaac inched the fire into a tighter circle. "Ok! Ok! I'll tak!" came the desperate plea. Isaac moved the wall back a little, though it was still closer than where it had been before.

The End

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