Escape through the door.

"He's the last of the elements! If we don't get him, Boss will kill us!" The one with the dreads groaned.

Issac knew what he had to do. If he didn't get out of their, he would be captured. He didn't know why he was called an "element" but it didn't sound good.

Seeing the door, Issac slowly moved the table he was hiding behind aside. As soon as they were paying no attention, he ran from his hiding spot and out the door. He was amazed at his speed, It was faster than a normal boys' speed.

Issac looked back at his house, his plan had changed, but he was sure of one thing, one was with out a gun. He slowly climbed into a nearby tree, If he wan't carefull, he could burn it down. Once at the top he noticed a black escalade, parked in the street. It had to have been theirs, It couldn't be anyone elses.

He grabbed a leaf from the tree and blew it from his hand. Issac watched as it drifted side to side, tumbling through the air, landing in the car's open window.

Issac smiled as he plucked 10 leaves off the tree, he dropped them and when they were all sitting on the passenger seat he created a fire ball in his hand. He had never done this before, he had never used fire like this since the accident.

"This is for you Izzie!" Issac whispered as he through the fireball at the car.

It flew through the air and landed on the leaves, they combusted and soon the car was a flaming heap.

The three men ran outside, flailing their arms and crying out.

The one with the blonde dreads stopped and looked at the tree where Issac was, then pulled out a remote from his pocket.

Laughing he clicked the remote, then he was gone, as well as the other men.

Issac looked at his house, flames licked through the windows and began to engulf it.

"NOOO!" He screamed! He jumped down from the tree and started shaking. The anger engulfed him as he stood there. "I'm sorry Izzy" he whispered. "I told you I wouldn't do this. But I have to."

Issac willed the fire to come to him and engulf his body. It wrapped around him like a blanket, but no injuries came. his body was like one big flame, but nothing around him was scorched.

"I have to finish this, I have to learn about the elements."Issac whispered shakily, his voice barely loud enough to hear. "Two options, capture the men or go to the one person I'll vowed I'll never see again, Sensei Takashio


The End

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