Issac got an idea

One of the men walked right past him, if Isaac had so much as twitched the man may have noticed him. But it was right at that moment that Isaac saw the end of the machine gun.

He got an idea and started forming a plan. Everything had to go exactly as he hoped, or he might not walk out of there. At least, not of his own will. The heat started rising within him as he directed it at the gun barrel. Then there was a click like a radio. "Wolf here. Negative on the boy." There were some words spoken on the other end, but it would be impossible to make out from Isaac's position. However he was happy nonetheless.

"Good, they're talking." Isaac thought. "It should give me some time." Though the black outside of the barrel appeared perfectly normal, he was melting the inside. The man started walking. Isaac had to keep eye contact on the gun, so he was forced to have to crawl slightly out from under the bed. But very, very slowly. Then the man turned the corner and was gone.

Isaac had no idea if he had sufficiently melted the barrel to be unfireable, but he did know that at the very least he had completely destroyed the grooves on the inside which would cause the bullets to be inaccurate. "One down, one to go." he breathed. On to step two. He noiselessly slid from under the bed and out into the hall. No one on either side. But he could hear them at the front of the house. Breaking various things, kicking doors open.

He peeked around the corner. There was the man with the blond braides and the man who's gun he had disabled standing in the kitchen. His plan now was to wait until they regrouped and then surround them all with fire and interigate them. But the front door was standing wide open. They weren't even facing it.

The End

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