He went in the kitchen to grab a snack.

closing the freezer with an ice cream in has hand, he turns around to go to the computer. As he enters the family room, he stops, sensing that something isn't right. His eyes dart around the room, searching for some reason for him to feel like something was wrong. As his eyes pass over the television, he notices something on the news.

"... Died in a tragic fire at the abandoned movie theater. There is no identification on the two bodies, but there is evidence that there were others around we may have been living there as well.  If you have any information about this accident, please call the number on the bottom the screen. In other news,..."

Fire. People dead, because of a fire. Just like his accident. Never again, he promised himself that night to never again use his power where there is any chance of harm for another person.  no one else would die because of him. Feeling something cold dripping onto his hand, he looks at the ice cream in his hand and realizes that it was melting because of the heat from his hand, brought on b those pain filled memories. Staring at the cone, he realized he had lost his appetite. Going back into the kitchen he threw away his cone, and realized that something else wasn't quite right either. the house was quiet. There was no sound of people walking around, or talking or anything. Something was wrong.

"Hello Isaac." A deep voice sounded from behind him. Twirling around to face the source of the voice, Isaac saw a tall man wearing a long black coat and and was holding a gun. Pointed at him. 

Staring at the dull black metal, Isaac quietly asked "I'd ask what you want, but we both know the answer to that now don't we?"

With a smile, the man said nothing. Isaac took a deep breath and prepared to blast the man. As he filled his lungs, he stopped, right before he released the burning energy. Remembering his promise to never harm someone like that ever again, he disapated the energy. As the man noticed that the energy left Isaac, he cocked the gun.

The End

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