There was a knock on the door.

Issac walked over to the front door and peered through the small windows. Three men in black trench coats stood at his door step.

"That's funny." Issac thought. "Didn't I see these guys before? I get that feeling."

The one closest to the door had long blonde dreads flowing from his scalp, his eyes a cold blue. He leaned forward and knocked on the door again.

Issac noticed the guys standing in the back, both carried semi-automatic machine guns and were bigger and tougher than your average WWE fighter.

"I gotta hide, these guys mean business." Issac thought to himself, as he started to back towards his parents room. he wedged himself under the bed. He already had enough going on with his life, he didn't need to be shot again.

SMASH! The front door broke in and Issac heard the three men stomp into the house, breaking everything in their path.

"Where is he?!" One screamed, it sounded like he was in the kitchen

"I can smell him! I can smell the fear!" Another yelled, sounding closer.

"I'll check his parents room, seeing as we already took care of them." The one yelled, and Issac could see his boots in the door way.

"I have to think fast. I can't let them get me. I have to save my parents, even if they treat me like crap." Issac wracked his brain for a solution.


The End

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