and then...


The explosion rocked the whole house, making the man stagger. Startled, Isaac ran to the back door, away from where the explosion seemed to come from. Grabbing the old worn door knob, Isaac flung the door open and ran towards the fence and jumped over it. 


Another explosion, at his house again. Turning to look back, he sees flames licking the windows of the family room, and smoke pouring out of the top floor. No one was following him either. Falling to his knees, Isaac started to cry. Overwhelmed by what just happened, Isaac couldn't hold them back. His face in his hands, he never saw the older boy that came up behind him.

"Well well well. Look at what we have here. A rouge Ember."

Startled by the voice, Isaac's tears dried instantly and he scrambled to his feet, looking at the boy behind him. Standing with a commanding air about him, the boy was a head taller than Isaac. Dark brown hair that seemed to change shades in the light and piercing light blue eyes, almost grey, the boy stared down with a slight grin on his face. 

"My name is Jake. I'v been watching you for a while now, waiting for an opportunity to introduce myself." Jake says, extending his hand down to Isaac. 

Isaac takes his hand hand feels a shock from the other boy, and jerks his hand away as soon as he is on his feet again. Jake's smile widens. 

"What do you want with me? Did you send those men to destroy my home?" Isaac asks, anger and suspicion building up inside him, heat building in his now clenched fists. 

"Woah! Chill out Ember, I didn't send those guys. I'm here to help. I'm like you." And with that Jake raised his hand to eye level, and in it.. was a flame.

The End

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