Maybe its ok in Self Defense...

Staring at the gun pointed at him, Isaac decides that maybe it isn't so bad if he uses his power to defend himself. As the mans finger closes on the trigger, Isaac closes his eyes and focuses on the ignition cap in the gun. As the trigger is pulled and the powder ignites, he forces the energy to explode backwards, forcing its way through the casing of the gun and destroying the mans hand. Screaming in pain, the man collapses to the ground, cradling his arm.

Running past the man into the family room, Isaac stops as the door is smashed down. another man that looked similar to the first forced his way into the house, holding another gun. Without hesitating, fire shoot from Isaac's hand towards the gun, burning the mans hand in the process. running past the door, he makes his way for his parents room. Opening the door without even a knock, he looks around quickly and observes that his parents aren't there. Without any time to search anywhere else, he quickly goes to their window and looks outside. The sun is shining and the trees are waving gracefully in the cold autumn wind, with not a single care in the world. Hearing more shouts from the entrance hall, he rushes as he tries to force open the window, so that he may get out of the house. finally prying the window open, he hops out onto the lawn an dtakes off running. 

Once he makes it to the end of the block, he looks back and sees men running after him and others climbing into a dark blue sports car. What? A sports car? That is so not the car for goons. Turning back to watch where he is going, he forgets all about the car and the goons. Looking into the distance, he can see smoke rising from somewhere a couple blocks down. The direction of the movie theater. Turning down a side street, Isaac pushes himself harder than he ever had before. After running hard for a couple minutes however he realized that he was slowing down. Looking back he couldn't see anyone following him. Stopping in a dark doorway, he put his arms over his head and tried to catch his breath.

The End

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