To where the embers glow

Isaac was just about to turn 14. Still a child to most of the world, yet he has lived with a burden most "adults" would crumble under. He was far from a normal child and had seen things that most could only dream of, and only then if their imaginations were able. But will this new task be his last?

The wind was icy as Isaac walked the last block from where the bus had dropped him off to home. School was horrible. It had always been horrible. He tried to act normal, and though the kids couldn't consciously realize it, they knew it was just an act. So they treated him like a freak, though in hindsight it's better than being treated like what he really was. Because Isaac was different. No matter how hard he tried he would always be different. The only thing he had to look forward to was his birthday in a few days, but he wasn't even sure if his parents would remember. He was going to be 14 years old, but after about the 10'th birthday his parents hardly even acknowledged them anymore. But, they hardly acknowledged him, so that was to be expected.

Once inside he went straight to his completely fireproof room, as he always did. He was freezing, but he had to control the urge. He had to. "Just a little." he started thinking. "I'll just do a little. No one will notice." He looked over, out of habit, to where his windows used to have been. But he had covered them in the fireproof material when he covered the rest of the room. Then he held his hands out in front of himself, and a small flame appeared in mid air. He made the fire slowly grow until he felt like he was at a campfire. He pulled his jacket off and threw it on his bed before riffling through his backpack to find his homework. He always tried to get it done before dinner, which would be in only a few hours. He pulled the papers out and flopped down on his bed, careful not to get anything too close to the fire. Even now, when he knew nothing could burn except the papers and his jacket, he was nervous. He'd never been nervous around fire before the accident.

But for now, his mind was on his dreaded Algebra. Even if he didn't like school, Isaac always threw himself into it. Even if it was just to take his mind of everything else. Today was no different, and before he knew it his homework was finished. Taking a glance at the clock Isaac sighed. Not even 5 O'clock. He had over an hour to burn. "No, not burn, spend." He scolded himself. "NO! Not scolded. Just... ugh!" Deciding to spend some of this spare time online, Isaac made his way downstairs to the family computer. Before he got there, however...

The End

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