To The SeaMature

Motivation to write, in the hopes of completing, a story. Old short stories (which include others posted on here) used as character/world creation tools.

The ocean shone darkly; a black, inky depth that put Captain Hannes van der Klooster at ease. Midnight onyx or heavenly coal. Perhaps some sort of allusion to a soulless doorway to the endless underworld. Too many ‘less’? Maybe a reference to Hades…

“Composing again?”

The dark figure slipped into the moonlight, joining his captain at the stern bench.

“I just… there’s always some perfect way to start an adventure and it comes when I’m all out of ink and then we capture an octopus but I’ve already forgotten and I try to make it up by memory, but it’s just so hard, you know?”

“Come on. I’ll make you a coffee. He’ll be here soon.”

The End

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