To the Kingdom

Quick piece of prose written on a whim

We are here

We are not ghosts

Nor demons

Nor fallen angels,

Though we have been told

We appear as such

Some of us are



Just right



All of us

Are kind

Yet we are treated

Like dirt


Of the earth

God formed us

From the dust

Are we not

All made of this?

Of starlight

And love

God's hands

And eyes

Sugar and spice

And all things nice

The girl who cries herself to sleep

The boy who smokes away his worries

 The girl who slices her arms

The boy who beats his girlfriend

Unclean hands

Can clean away the ashes

Fire of gold burning bright

We are the fallen ones

The ones who lost our way

People see us as savages

You are the savages

Destined for hell

We are going

To the kingdom of God

The End

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