Rusted From the RainMature

A mage who has lost memory of everything wakes up in a smoke filled debris, in the rain he gets up to find out who he, why he has a gift of powerful magic, why he is being hunted. This summary isn't very accurate just read.

I wake up surrounded by a grey fog, the stench of smouldering flame stinging my lungs as I gasp for air. I sit up trying to clear away the fog to which still clouded my mind, my sight, and all the other senses.  I could feel rain pound away on my bare skin as if millions of nails were falling from the sky. My mind could not be cleared I do not know who I am; I do not know what happened, or where I am. I knew nothing at all, but I was not confused or panicked I simply felt weak.  I looked around me, seeing nothing but smoke, and burnt debris, there wasn’t any sign of life. There was no blood no bodies just my naked self and the burnt debris sitting in a moor of smooth rock with the grey skies pouring down stinging rain. I looked at my hands which looked as foreign as the area around me but I figured that they were all that I had right now. Whatever happened here, whoever I was something told me I needed to move. I searched through the debris looking for something to protect myself from the elements the rain was getting colder and was not letting up. As I searched the inner parts of debris burned my hands caused blue flash of light from my hand sent the debris flying into a rock revealing a damaged metal chest. I looked at the burned hand which was rapidly healing while questioning what was that and how did I summon such power? I thought a little further but no understanding of how came across so I quickly opted to just accept that sometimes I could just do things, maybe that was normal? I examined the damaged chest and quickly found that it had managed to protect its contents. In the chest there was a stack of golden coins, some papers with useless scribbling, a silver jeweled dagger, and blue robes.  I quickly dawned the blue robes finding several pockets that seemed questionably deep to which I pocketed the other items that I had found while deciding to put the jeweled dagger inside a sleeve that had a place to put such an item. Without further ado I began my journey in a direction that my intuition had sent me. The rain continued to fall heavily while I stumbled weakly through the moor and into a nearby forest. Despite donning the robe it had gotten soaked fairly quickly, and it was getting colder. My body had already started to shiver and each step I questioned if it would be my last yet, something drove. Inside somewhere I could feel myself screaming not to give in, and very soon I would be safe, and warm.

That voice lied the light from the sky had disappeared and the stumbling through the thick forest underbrush was taking its toll on me. The rain in the forest however was almost nonexistent due to the thickness of its growth.  Despite the exhausting conditions my feet continued to bring me further whether it was my own will or just unknown force I continued on through the underbrush gathering further scrapes and bruises that were miraculously healing at a rapid pace. An hour or so later I could see a beacon of hope as a sliver of light made it through the damp forest. I could feel warmth fill my body as I got closer to the light which came from a ratty building filled with noises of men singing, and cheering. I opened the wooden door which had looked fairly used and broken its handle barely clinging onto the door as I hastily opened the door.  On the other side men wearing leather armour carrying large pints of liquid were moving everywhere in cheerful step. They all looked rugged and maybe a little bruised and cut up but all very happy. I walked through happy to be out of cold and wet. However my approach through the crowd was not a smooth one as I bumped into more than a few men who swore and cursed out in anger, some of them even violently attempting to hit me but I had made a quick escape away until I made it to a beaten wooden counter.  At the counter was few men who deep into conversation while holding their mugs, while a few where sitting drinking as many mugs as they could as fast they could. Then there was the one who sat by himself hardly moving, as he stared down at his mug. However as unmoving as he was I could see his eyes quickly scan the room as if waiting for something. Nothing did so he took a sip of his drink before his eyes scanned the room again but this time they met mine. His eyes were a dark blue, and they carried such an unwelcoming look to them yet underneath that kindness. Something told me that I could trust him and I would be safe if I were to sit beside him, so I took the seat next to him.  He stared at me again as I took the seat and grunted but didn't say a word as he returned to his drink. 

"Who is he?”,Grunted a man behind the counter who was now making his way over to me.

"I have no idea, Gromish. Trust me I wouldn't bring his type around here, you know that" The man said with a harsh tone of voice.

"hmph." The man behind counter Grunted," Boy you better make your business quick, you kind is unwelcome here." 

"Me?" I said surprised hearing a soft tone of voice escape my lips.

"Who else?" The man sneered," What do you want?"

"I want to be able to stay somewhere out of the rain for a bit, maybe have a drink like the rest of these men." I said placing my hand on the counter," I don't see a reason why I can't do that."

"Do you even know where you are boy? This place is a bandit’s tavern and we don't take kindly to folk like you. Guild wizards are bad news in these parts."  The man behind the countered said in a threatening tone that I didn't particularly like.

"Oh yeah well I don't even know what a guild wizard is and even if I did there is no good reason to deny a man like myself a place to stay warm. So I will sit rate here as long as I like and hell I even order one of those drinks, because you know what I'm not afraid of you and I've been out in the cold rain all day."  I said with some anger and defiance in my voice. I was not going to let this bossy man belittle me or tell me what to do not while all these other men didn’t have to put up with it why should I.

"Look you.."

"Gromish let the kid stay he's got some heart and its his problem now if someone doesn't like it."  The man beside me broke breaking his unmoving posture gesturing to the crowd.

"It's also my problem if this kid starts another brawl in here, and Boss isn't going to be to happy to find his tavern trashed again."  Gromish replied.

" Gromish I'm pretty sure this kid will be enough to get this placed trashed again." The man replied finishing the rest of his drink.


The End

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