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The boy takes a step forward, curiosity spreading across his face. The fact that he is more curious than afraid of meeting someone in a dark hallway is strange to me, as I'm fighting the urge to turn around and run. I guess I've always been more cautious to the idea of meeting strangers in dark places.

"I could ask you the same thing," he replies. "I'm too stressed to sleep."

"Stressed about the testing in the morning?" I ask, relieved I'm not the only one who is worried about that.

He nods, "Yeah, and the fact that we were just placed here and are expected to live a new life without any thought of the one we just left behind. That's kind of bothering me." 

I'm taken aback by his honesty, especially because I don't even know his name yet and he just opened up so quickly. He laughs at my reaction, "Sorry, you'll have to get used to my openness  I guess. I don't really have much of a filter." I give a small smile, and hold out my hand to him.

"I'm Lysandra." He shakes it without hesitation, his smile never leaving his face.

"Nice to meet you, Lysandra. I'm Quin." He releases my hand, and I begin to walk away. I guess I'm not one for long midnight chats. Quin does the same, yelling back, "See you in the morning Lysandra!"

Making my way back to my room, after taking a few wrong turns, I finally return. The door is still open, and the sheets on my bed are all array. No longer shaky about my dream, I close the door behind me and think of the experience I just had. It's a first, meeting someone in the hallway in the middle of the night. Especially someone who was a boy...and pretty attractive too.

I laugh and push back the thought. I think instead of what Quin said to me: about this being our new home. This brings on a wave of loneliness, making me sick to my stomach at the thought of being away from my family for who knows how long. I can't keep the memory of them at bay any longer, like I have all day. Now, in the dark, laying on my bed, I don't have anything to distract me. I try to imagine that outside the door I can go down a hallway and there would be my parent's room, and I can almost hear them snoring in unison.

I bet they're still up, worrying about me. What did they do when they went into my room to find an empty bed? Do they know what happened to me?

After thinking about them, my mind exhausts me. I finally fall asleep, with salty cheeks and a heavy heart.

The End

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