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As I walk, I let my fingers find the wall. They feel every bump as I walk along, and help to guide me. Everything is silent, I can hardly hear my own breathing. The way is outlined with some green light from the exit signs. I turn another corner, and try to remember how many turns that was, so I can find my way back.

My heart has already returned to normal, and my eyes no longer carry the image of Commander Newel's expressionless eyes. I come to another fork in the hallway, and decide to stop right there before I get really lost. Leaning my back against the wall, I stand there for a while, just listening to my breathing. Eventually I sink down, resting my head on my knees, trying not to think of anything.

I sit like that for a good amount of time until I jerk out of my daze. I hear something coming down the hallway. Not daring to breathe, I listen with every fiber of my body. I look around, trying to see whatever, or whoever it is that is walking around at this time of night. I only hope it isn't anyone important, so I don't get in trouble.

Looking to my left, I see a shape. I can hear the breathing, and wait for it to come into the light. A few seconds, and I see a boy, about my age, maybe a little older. He looks as confused as I probably did, trying to find my way. I let out my breath, seeing as he isn't a threat. His fingertips trace the walls, like mine did, and he squints into the darkness. He's tall, and has broad shoulders. His deep brunette hair is a mess, and brushes his eyebrows as he steps forward.

He stops, frozen. Looking forward, he squints to where I'm sitting, almost meeting my gaze. He can't quite see me, and for some reason I don't want him to. His feet take half a step forward, but he doesn't move any more.

His voice, raspy from sleep, comes out in a scratchy whisper. "Hello?" He waits, looking for a response. I'm disconcerted by his eyes, almost seeing me, but not quite. He begins to look worried, seeing as I don't respond.

"I know someone's there," he looks behind him. "Please say something."

I try to push something out of my throat, but it comes out as a small sound, causing him to jump. Clearing my throat, I stand up.

"Why aren't you in bed?" I ask, taking a step towards him.

The End

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