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I sit on a gray mat, looking up into my father's eyes. He smiles down at me, offering me his hand so I can get up. I reach up to take it, but suddenly I'm down on my side screaming. A searing hot pain takes hold of my hand, and I see the fryer that I used to hurt that person and burn their flesh digging into my hand. 

"Dad! Take it off!" I sob, staring at my burning flesh. "Dad! Hurry! Hurry, Dad it's burning me!" I look up at him, but it is no longer my father. Commander Newel stands above me, looking down at my face with no expression. He has one of those long bamboo staffs in his hands, which he slowly turns around in his fingers. 

"Lysandra, there are a number of different units in our rebellion. Such as combat," he stops, thinking on the word. He looks at me again, and something in his eyes is disturbing. "Stand up," he commands. I stand hesitantly, my eyes never leaving the staff.

I see what looks like a flinch, but then a solid object crashes against my skull. Everything slows as I fall sideways to the ground. Commander Newel pulls back for another swing, and I bring my hands up to protect my head. The stick collides into my side, and again on my stomach. 

"Stop! Please, please! Please.." My sobs echo around the empty gym.

I lay there for what feels like hours, then I remove my hands from my head and look around. I'm in my bed, my pillow soaked with tears. My breath hitches in my throat, and I fall out of the bed. Jumping up, I stand for a moment, trying to get a hold of myself. Looking at the glowing numbers on my nightstand, I see it's 4:17. I go to sit back down on my bed, but I look across at the other bed. I see the stick that Lieutenant Jol showed me earlier, and suddenly I feel as if the room is closing in around me. I run to the door, my heart pounding. Yanking the door open, I see an empty, dark hallway. Leaving my door wide open, I begin to walk straight into the darkness.

The End

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