Grace is startled by a gunshot

Grace was just turning the corner down the hall when she heard the shot. This Babe wasn't born yesterday and she had earned some respect for being pretty canny herself. She knew there would be trouble between these two. She just didn't know what kind so she was also here to get the goods and report back to the Boss. Buddy was watching her from the shadows. He thought to himself, "I could go for a dame like that if only she hadn't decided to walk on the wild side. Besides, he was the one responsible for putting her brother, "Ten 'O Two", in the big house doing five to ten in the pen. He got his name from being slewfoot. His left foot pointed to ten o'clock and his right to two o'clock. "I better go take a look see" Buddy thought as he walked behind the motel to the train tracks.

The End

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