Inside room 3

The room was full of the smell of death. Mugs said to himself, "That low life Stumpy! The Boss should have known better than to send Stumpy Branigan to check up on me!" Stumpy Branigan got his nickname for being so stingy with his whiskey. His weapon of choice was a knife and he would threaten to give the boys a "stump" in return if they tried to reach for his whiskey bottle. The name stuck. Unfortunately for Stumpy, the bullet was faster than the knife. "That's what the poor sap gets for being a stooge and taking orders from the Boss", said Mugs. A light wisp of gun powder smoke still streamed upward from the gun barrel toward the single light bulb in the room. "Damn" he thought, "What am I going to do with Stumpy's body? I can't take him out the front door, there will be people all around! In this modern day of 1933 people can't seem to mind their own business any more! Well, they would if they knew what was good for them." He looked at the window on the back of the motel room and thought maybe he could dump the body out the window, climb out himself, and then take it to the rail road tracks behind the motel where it will look like he had an accident with a train and there will be so little left of him they won't be able to see he was actually shot. They won't even be able to tell who it is. "Yeah" he thought, "Stumpy will be thought to have just gone missing." Mugs did just that and in the pouring rain and the darkness of night no one would ever notice the body until it was too late. Once back in his room he cleaned up the blood, changed into a clean, dry suit and lit up another stogie. "Just a minor set back", he thought. "Now I can get on with my plans." He drew heavily on the stogie and then took it from his mouth, turned it upward looking through his thick lenses at the ashes on the end and said with a devious grin, "No body is going to get in the way of Mugs Mccabe, not the Boss, not Stumpy Branigan, not nobody!" With that he flicked the ashes to the floor, the smoke rising to the ceiling. He reached for the door knob of his room. It was nearly 1:00 am and time to get started...

The End

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