Buddy sees a dame enter the motel room.

I'd been standing here for hours getting soaked. My feet were tired and I was cold. Just as I was about ready to go the Diner on the corner, for a hot cup of coffee and a chat with the night waitress Sue, I saw Grace. That blonde bombshell was dressed a little too nicely for this part of town. As the wind whipped her trench coat open you could see the fire engine red dress with 3-inch high heels that made her legs look like they went on for miles. Luckily, when she looked my way I was still in the shadow of the building. You ask yourself "What is 'The Boss's' girl doing in a rundown place like this?" It couldn't be coincidence that Grace and Mugs would be at the same hotel. Is this some lover's rendezvous or could Grace have a new job for Mugs? "I have to find out what they are up to." I start to move into the rain towards the seedy motel. Just as I get on the sidewalk with my hand reaching for the door there is a shot.

The End

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