James Lazaras Clark - Just Good BusinessMature

James Clark never needed a plan. He had always thought them up on the spot. Years of observing clients, women, and the general mass had allowed him to figure out just what anyone wanted to hear or was willing to accept. It was the reason - well, along with his family being extremely successful in the business world - he had made his fortune cleanly.

Unlike Lindin Murray, who had scammed his way through and tore down many people in the process, including James. It wasn't a lot of money - simply a few million - but it was unacceptable. James had been trying to figure out how to exact his revenge when the letter came. Why it invited him to Lindin's personal home, he hadn't known, but he did see the opportunity it provided.

As James took in the air of the Isle de Fiori Mortali and stepped off the Yacht. Around him, the other guests passed by, seemingly ignoring the well-dressed and handsome man that stood above them. He knew of them all, of course. He had gathered their info, or what he could find, before even agreeing to come. One of them concerned him, though... Someone he could dig nothing up on. That Naida... whatever her name was.

Well, it mattered not. He simply had to focus on Lindin. He was confident, but he did miss the gun he usually carried in his holster. It was a small comfort when making deals on foreign turf. Particularly to one such as Lindin.

A woman moved to intercept him. He didn't so much as look at her, though mainly because he was looking at those black flowers. Eyes of Twilight. Poisonous.

"May I help with your luggage?"

James shook his head, glancing at the woman. She was pretty, but not worth playing his Game on. "I have no luggage." Well, not anymore.

Ignoring the womans further talking, James moved past her and headed towards the dock. Room 207, right? Or was it 107? Damnation, why did his memory have to fuzz up today of all days?

Well, he didn't need to remember. Just exact revenge. After all, it was just good business that brought him here.

The End

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