Cecil: Organizing CatsMature

Back on the boat, Cecil Lourdes sat clutching her cat, Anapaest, and let out an unsteady breath.

What if Linden had changed from how she remembered him? What if he took back his offer to let her seek refuge on his island? What if the gang was now targeting her mother?

Taking a deep breath, she thought rationally. 

No. Linden couldn't take back his invitation - she was practically already on the island. And her mother was safe - safe as she could possibly be. 

Calming down, she let go of the animal she had been holding and pulled on a sweater. Now that she wasn't just in her tank top anymore and feeling significantly less exposed because of that, Cecil looked around the small room for anything she had forgotten. Aside from Anarchy (her other cat), who was missing, everything had been shoved into her suitcase. Anarchy would probably show up soon, anyways. Cecil wasn't worried - he often went missing.

Pulling out the large cat carrier, she managed to shove/wrangle both of her remaining cats in. Aesthetic yowled pitifully from inside, be Cecil didn't budge. She leaned down slightly to grasp the handle of her suitcase, slung the strap of the cat carrier over her shoulder, and got ready to depart.

She pushed open the door and set off, the sun beating down on her exposed neck, and the weight of Aesthetic and Anapaest making it hard to keep her balance. She made it to the shore, though, but not before pulling aside the captain and shyly asking him to keep a look out for Anarchy. She had also seen another man onboard, while she was on her way to disembark, and she had told him about her cat, too. It was weird, though - he had a familiar haunted look in his eyes. She had seen it in the mirror every day after the... incident. 

Shaking the thought out of her head, Cecil breathed a sigh of relief as her feet touched solid ground again, handing her bags over to her bodyguard. 

Finally, she thought.

The End

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