Abigail KatsarosMature

Abigail Katsaros gazed at herself in the mirror. Her curvaceous form was articulate in the low light. Touching up her make-up and adjusting her cleaning uniform, her four year old daughter, Sophie, quietly walked in. 

"Morning, αγάπη," she said leaning down to Sophie's level to brush hair out of her face. Sophie rubbed the sleep from her eyes, her head a black ruffled mess. Abigail straighten herself for one final check in the mirror. 

"Go pick a dress and I'll help you change, baby." Sophie nodded and slowly dragged her feet back to her room. She came back with a light blue jumper that had white pock-a-dots. Abigail pulled the dress over Sophie's head as she told her the itinerary for the day. 

"We have special guests coming in today, so you must stay here, my κόρη," I won't let those ηλίθιοι take away my opportunity. Abigail picked up a comb from the dresser and brushed Sophie's hair into silky ringlets. 

"Could I thill play on the villa?" Sophie asked as her mother put a clip in her hair. Shrugging one shoulder, Abigail replied, "I guess you could if you're quiet."

Abigail poured water into the flower vases near the entrance of the estate. An errand boy, she couldn't remember his name, ran up to her, panting as if he'd been running all over the grounds.

"The yacht," he gulped for air, "has arrived." Abigail nodded and told him to hurry along and tell the other staff members.

One can only hope this works out.

The End

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