Meredith: Prince CharmingMature

"We're approaching the pier, Meredith. You should go change into something less slutty. You're only a kid of eighteen, yet you dress like a well seasoned hooker."

Meredith stuck out her tongue in disgust. Eleanor may have been her plus one on this trip, but Meredith could have thought of a hundred other people she would have preferred to have brought on her lovely vacation to her extremely rich grandpa's island.

"The middle aged slut doesn't even know how lucky she is to even be coming here with me," Meredith muttered to herself as she stormed back into the boat to grab anther change of clothes.

"Oh what to wear," she quickly forgot her recent quarrel as she pulled out a selection of clothes from her suite case that seemed way too large for any decent human being to have.

Her suite case, however, was meticulously organized into two sections. The clothes she knew were acceptable to wear around people above the age of thirty, and clothes that people under the age of 29 would think she was hot in.

After countless pairings of jeans, leggings, blouses, jackets and jewelry, she had finally settled for a simple pair of low waisted straight jeans with a nice opaque white blouse paired with her favorite heart necklace and matching diamond earrings.

Meredith looked herself up and down the mirror turning and posing and grinned at how perfect her body was. When she was finally satisfied with how she looked she walked to the mirror to touch up her make up and flipped her hair this way and that until it finally fell into place. She grinned and blew herself a kiss in the mirror and slipped on the three rings she had received from her grandpa throughout the few years she had know they were related.

Meredith walked pompously out onto the deck, winking at one of the men who she presumed was working on the boat and posed as Eleanor caught glimpse of her.

"How's this for appropriate?" She smirked as Eleanor looked her up and down clearly stunned at how well Meredith had cleaned up.

It was only to be expected. Of all her days at prep school, Eleanor had never seen Meredith with minimal makeup, decent clothes and hair that wasn't a rats nest.

"Well I must say," Eleanor began. Meredith's smile grew as she just knew what Eleanor was going to say next. Praise maybe? "You do look less like a hooker and more like a decent human being." She looked away to stare at the sea again.

Meredith's mouth dropped and then quickly formed a pout as she stormed to the other side of the deck to stare at the water that wasn't contaminated by the thoughts of Eleanor.

"How rude," she whispered. "I look amazing."

Her eyes began to water as she continued to stare out into the vast amounts of water that lay before her and as soon as she felt a tear roll down, she caught it on her finger and stormed back inside the boat and into the bathroom.

She looked herself in the mirror as she whipped away all the other stray tears that had made it onto her cheek.

A knock came at the door as she quickly blew her nose and made herself presentable once again. She opened the door only to see a tall man standing by the door.

"Hello," he said in a low raspy voice. "I heard someone crying and I thought I should tell you that you look stunning in that outfit." He smiled as his brown eyes sparkled with charm.

His hair fell in all the right places and went perfectly with the black suite he wore. "Are you going to the Murray estate?" He asked.

"Duh," Meredith rolled her eyes. "Everyone on this ship is. This ship that I don't remember seeing you board." Meredith began to grow suspicious.

"Oh," the man stood up straight and extended his hand towards Meredith. "My names John. It's pleased to meet you.."

"Meredith," she blushed, taking his hand. "Well, I have to go," she quickly pulled away and began to walk away.

"I'll see you soon," John called.

"Yeah," she whispered as she smiled walked away, but in her head she was skipping. He was her Prince Charming.

The End

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