Tooner's Part

"If you're regretting this so much, give me the chance to say my part," Tooner said, arms crossed over his puffed up chest.  "I won't mess it up, like some might."  With his last words, his sharp gaze slid over Neil and Marly.  Neil looked on with indifference, Marly with some indignation.

"Besides, this successor man.  If he is based off myself, there should be more detail going into his description," Tooner added smugly.

Everyone seemed to become more sullen as Tooner elaborated, especially Louis.  The usually cheery boy was sprawled over his desk, looking as if he didn't want to be where he was at the moment.

"Since nobody's stopping me-"

A hand reached up and grasped desperately at Tooner's forearm.  Louis clambered into an upright sitting position as he clutched at Tooner with haunted eyes.

" more.  Don't butcher my tale anymore like the rest.  I beg of you," he rasped, sounding on the very verge of death.  "Have mercy, my good fello-."  Suddenly, an arm wrapped tightly around Louis's neck from behind him, pulling him back from Tooner.

"Thank you, Neil.  I see at least one person has sense."  Tooner looked down at his arm, brushing whatever Louis could have gotten on his sleeve off.

This is a tale, not of some sick stalkery love between a cowardly fairy king and a sociopath of a human girl, but of a man who was ambitious and rightfully so.  

This man was nothing like the "benevolent and wise" king of Euphmystal.  Sure, some might call him a greedy jerk, but it's not as if he's not entitled to his own castle.  The man was a goddamn prince.  He can go and get his goddamn castle if he wants to, especially since nobody's letting him be king anyway.  I mean, if you were the successor, it's not like you can go do whatever you want since everyone's going to know who you are, but you're never going to be anything better either.  So what the hell.  All the damned castles he wa-

"You're rambling," Damon pointed out, a smirk on his face.  "And I think none of us can tell this story like Louis does, so..."  He gestured for Louis, who was still scrambling to extricate Neil's arm from his neck, to continue.  There was a lull in the conversation in which nothing could be heard save for the occasional word or two from their classmates.  It was then that Louis realized that everyone in the classroom was listening in on their story, and that the teacher was extremely late getting back from stopping the school from towing his car.  And also that Neil had loosened his grip considerably.

Louis cleared his throat, making sure that nothing was broken.  When he was done checking his neck, he looked up, a cryptic smile on his face.

"Alright, then.  No more interruptions.  We go straight to the end."

The End

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