In Which Stories Are Butchered

"She sounds like a secret agent," Damon said, an incredibly skeptical expression on his face.  "Anyway, she couldn't have known that she was going to be healed immediately, so her plan could have been delayed by a few months!  She didn't even know if there was proper medical treatment, so maybe her bones wouldn't have set right, or something."

"Girls love to gossip, don't they?" Louis asked in a soft voice, leaning back in his chair and staring idly at the ceiling.  "I'm sure one of the squires gossiped about the handsome doctor healing the injured in such a skilled way!"

A hand clamped down on his left shoulder, and he felt his ear being pinched and pulled.  Though it hurt, he couldn't help but laugh it off, even as his ear felt as if it was being pulled out of shape.

"Ha ha, how violent, Neil!" he exclaimed, his voice a bit strained as he tried to calmly coax the other's fingers off.  "Ah, um, h-how about you try telling the story then?"

"It's your story.  I won't know what happens," Neil growled, not letting go.

"It's just a story!  O-ow, uh, you can do it, come on!" Louis pleaded, sounding slightly panicked.  His ear was finally released as Neil began to spin his own version of the story.

The girl also planned to also rescue a girl that was also one of the squires who had helped her out when she had first arrived.

"Why are you laughing?" Neil questioned, narrowing his eyes at the others.

"It was such an awkward sentence!" Louis said, trying to stifle his laughter.  A quick smack across the head quieted him down a little before Neil began again.

The other squire's name was Maria.  She was a very nice girl, though the bastard of a successor had first ordered her to guide Nina around.  Using her athletic...ness, she, Nina, broke out of the castle easily, but the bastard sent ten guards after her, thinking that would be enough because she had gotten her ass handed to her by the head knight.  She beat all of the idiots up and it was easy.  The bastard successor was very impressed, so impressed he decided never to bother Nina ever again for fear that he would be murdered in the most brutal way.


"What?" Neil demanded.

"Yeah, this isn't going to work," Louis mumbled, scratching his chin.  "No wonder why you almost failed English.  The only part that was decent was when you were talking about murder!"

As Neil proceeded to maul Louis, the others played a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors to decide who would be the next person to narrate the story.  Maria's face was still slightly flushed from hearing Neil's telling of the story, so she quickly lost to Tooner.  Tooner, in turn, quickly lost to Damon, and finally, Damon, with a quick look at Marly's greasy fingers, forfeited his match.  And thus, Marly was the victor.  He kept a victory french fry in his mouth as he began to speak.

The two girls made their way to the next village, complete with random battles!  You know, 'cause it's sort of an RPG?  Oh!  Anyway, they went to the next village, and Maria and Nina parted ways, so Maria could line up in the market and buy supplies while Nina applied for a job.  However, it seemed that all Nina was good for was killing stuff, so they switched places.

They stayed at the inn and recovered their HP and their MP, but in the middle of the night, Nina woke up because she heard a noise.  Light sleeper an' all.  There was a shadow next to their bags and she ended up kicking it.

"Ow!" the shadow exclaimed.  Maria ended up waking up too because of the racket.  She rolled out of bed, and the lights came on.  Uh, the fire came on.  Next to their bags was a boy with a piece of bread in his mouth.  Nina sat on him as Maria checked their bags.  It seemed like all the food they had bought had gone missing.

"Oh no!" Maria wailed, shaking the leftover crumbs out of the bag.  "We don't have much money left to buy food."

"It can be fixed.  How adverse are you to eating people?" Nina asked, picking up Marly.  The spirited boy fought back hard and their battle lasted for forty days and forty ni-

"I am regretting this so much," Louis groaned, burying his head in his hands.

The End

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