Of Dapper-Looking Hunkmuffins

"Ah, but hunting is a sport?" Louis said, raising an eyebrow.

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow..."

Damon had the sudden urge to bash his head against the desk.  Instead, he breathed out a long sigh and tried reasoning with Louis. "It's...different," he managed to get out.

"I think it's a viable profession," Neil said.

Everyone's heads turned to Neil, and suddenly, the way the boy was bending back Tooner's fingers didn't seem so harmless.

"U-um, maybe you should let go of his fingers now?" Maria suggested, her face pale.

Without a word, Neil dropped the other boy's arm immediately.  Tooner grabbed his hand and curled his fingers, trying to bring some sense of feeling back into them.  Muttering under his breath, he sent Neil a dirty look.

Staring back with a stony face, Neil commented, "You're exaggerating.  I didn't break anything."  Tooner shot him a withering glare, but before he could open his mouth, Louis cut in.

And so, the king healed the girl, using his magic.  There are special kinds of magic in Euphmystal, you see, and one could only specialize in one type.  It just so happened that the king specialized in healing!  He fixed up her wounds in no time, and waited while talking things over with Tooner for her to wake up.

As the girl slowly regained consciousness, she gazed up through her dreamy haze at the handsome, otherworldly, yet aristocratic, man hovering over her.  The wings that spanned from his elegant back were of the most beautiful aquamarine color, but their translucency made them seem almost imaginary.  She wondered who this dapper-looking hunkmuffin was, and if he was the person who had so gently tended to her battle wounds-

"Hey, hey, this is sounding more like your fantasy than a fairytale!" a voice interrupted.  Louis raised an eyebrow at the scruffy boy kneeling to the side of his desk.  The boy tilted his chin up, a lopsided frown on his face.

"You caught me, Marly!  I was hoping nobody would notice," Louis said, laughing nervously.  Of course, everyone had noticed, but they had been too busy holding Neil back to stop him from punching Louis to say anything.

"Anyways, how come you and this douchebag are the only ones in the story?" Marly asked, indicating Tooner with his thumb.  The delinquent in question sneered down at Marly.

"Jealous?"  He crossed his arms together, looking down his nose at the other boy.

"Maybe you're jealous because I managed to sneak food from the cafeteria!" Marly exclaimed, pulling out a chicken tender from his pocket.  As the others gave him funny looks, he bit into it, chewing slowly to savor the taste.  The silence quickly grew oppressing, however, and he looked up to see what the matter was.

"...do you guys want one too?" he asked, pulling another one from his pocket.  "Hold on, there's a bit of lint on it."

"Dude!  Gross!" Damon exclaimed, watching as Marly picked the lint off the chicken tender.  "I told you to stop doing that!"

"Ish fine," Marly said, talking around a mouthful of chicken.  "It's not like it tastes bad.  How about it, Maria?"  The girl stiffened, for she had been watching Marly closely with a strange sort of fascination.

"U-uh, no, really, it's fine!" Maria squeaked, shaking her head furiously.  Neil looked on with indifference.

"Do you want fries instead?  I've got them in my other pocke-"

"Ah, you wanted more people in the story, is that right, Marly?" Louis asked, smiling widely as he patted Marly's hand back down.

When the girl regained consciousness, she shifted her gaze from Louis to Tooner, and upon seeing the successor, her eyes narrowed.  Noting this, Louis wondered if that explained why she had failed to defend herself when she had been dueling against one of the knights.  His heart pounded in his chest, though partially out of guilt, as he gazed upon the girl.  She sat up and fixed him with an indifferent look as she thanked him for healing her.

"I'll be seeing you soon," he blurted out as he left the room.  He managed to catch her quizzical expression as he stepped out.

The girl back in the room continued to glare at the successor as she was left alone with him.  She had seen enough of the man's tyranny to judge the situation of the land for herself.  As soon as she had arrived, he had blamed her for letting a food thief escape, and had placed orders for her arrest in his stead.  In the court, one of the guards had requested a raise, only to be accused of treason and arrested.

She had watched in silent amusement as the guard had danced out of reach of what few guards there were and finally, had escaped the castle with barely a scratch on him.  She now watched in silent amusement as Tooner paced up and down the infirmary room, looking preoccupied as he glanced at the door through which the doctor had gone.

Her escape from the palace would be imminent, now that she knew the strength of both the man's guards and his knights.

The End

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