Complete and Utter BS

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"This story is complete and utter BS," Neil said before Louis could go any further.

With a sigh, Louis said, "You're right."  Neil's eyes went slightly wider at this, though the surprise quickly faded at the other's next words.

"It actually all begins with a fairy king named Louis who rul-"

Startled, Louis jumped as Neil slammed his hand down on his desk.  The expression on the other's face was borderline murderous, as if he wanted to take Louis's neck and wring it until no more words could ever come out of his throat.

"Y-yes, Neil?" Louis asked, carefully gauging the intensity of Neil's rage.

"This is ridiculous."  And with that, Neil turned and left the two of them.  Louis stared after him and then shrugged, turning his attention to Maria.

"How about that, huh?"  He cocked his head towards where Neil sat quietly seething, and gave a small chuckle.

"Um, I don't think it's ridiculous.  It's pretty...interesting?  I'd really like to hear it," Maria said, though she gave a quick glance to the trashbin where the dubious magazine laid.

"Alright then!  Grab a seat and listen."

It all begins with a fairy king named Louis.  His castle laid in the middle of his kingdom, while his successor lived in a castle on the outskirts.  In the beginning of his rule, he was a lethargic king, whose voice was constantly overpowered by those of his advisers and his successor.

To pass the time, he would use a magical pool of water in one of the rooms of the castle to look in on another world, where different humans went about their different ways.  Some were ruled by kings, and others were ruled by their peers.  He would switch humans every day as he grew increasingly irritated with his own incompetence as a ruler.  Then one day, he-


"What was that guy's kingdom called?" a voice interjected.

Louis looked up to see a boy with light blonde hair staring back down at him.  He had a hand on the back of Louis's chair, a skeptical expression on his arrogant features.  The expression dropped for a moment as he waved hello to Maria, but it immediately assumed itself when he turned back to face Louis.

"Uhh, hm, good question, Damon."  Louis tapped a finger against his chin thoughtfully.  "It was called...Euphmystal!"

Damon let out a noise that sounded like he was choking on water.  He held his fist against his mouth, his eyes full of pity when they looked at Louis.

"That sounds like something a thirteen year old girl with no life would come up with," he said, bouts of laughter between every other word.

"Euphoria and mystical.  Um, that is what you used to make up the name, right?" Maria inquired timidly.

"Ah, yes, but I also used magical, though you can't tell anyway!  It's kind of stupid, no?" Louis leaned back in his seat, twiddling his thumbs as he raised an eyebrow at Damon who was still prone to giggling fits.  "Are you going to listen to my story too?"

"Sure.  Why not?  I was wondering why you had that porn magazine anyway," Damon said with a shrug.

"Shh, we are not to speak of that ever again.  I'm trying to make Maria forget."

So where was I again?  Oh right!  Then one day, this fairy king whose name just so happened to be Louis who ruled a land that just so happened to be named Euphmystal took a look at the human world and saw a girl with the most striking dark eyes.  Something about the girl intrigued the king for it seemed as if she knew she was being watched.  The king could have sworn she had turned toward him and stared straight at him a few times.

He would hole himself in the room and watch the girl go about her business.  As he watched her straightforward way of dealing with people, he would compare it to his own hesitant interactions with his advisers.  He would repeatedly cave into the demands of his successor, despite the rumors that the villagers living on the borderlands were much worse off than the ones in other places of the kingdom.

At first, he condemned his own uselessness, but in time, the image of the girl encouraged him to be more proactive and reign in his successor's corruption.  Despite his reservations in the past in opposing his advisers, weakening the power of those aging men was simple, for they were but human and he one of the fae.  Fairies live far longer than humans, after all.  He ruled Euphmystal this way for a few years, his visits to the mirror pool becoming less frequent as his duties as king grew.  The human girl was always on his mind, especially now that he saw her less.

One day, as he stared wistfully into the pool of water, he absentmindedly murmured to himself "I wish I could see her every day."  The pool of water, though its surface had always been flawless and smooth, rippled once.  He grew thoughtful at this, but thought no more of it.  He retired to bed that day, still ignorant of what he had done.

When he returned to the pool the next morning, instead of seeing the girl walk among the gray sidewalks of her city, he saw her surrounded by the tall grasses of the borderlands of Euphmystal, fighting off wild beasts along with another girl.  (Euphmystal is full of magical creatures, some incredibly violent like the evil bunnies near the borderlands, and some peaceful.  However, all can be dangerous.  Hey, don't look so sad, Maria!  The bunnies go to a better place after they die.)

Louis, gazing into the mirror pool, knew that he had accidentally brought her to his world, but somewhere buried underneath his guilt, he felt a sense of expectation.  As if a grand adventure was starting...

The End

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