To Nina

"Louis...what the heck are you reading?"

Louis looked up, quickly hiding the contents of his magazine with his hands and arms.  He put on an innocent-looking smile for the other boy, though he began to sweat profusely.  "What are you talking about, Neil?" he asked, laughing lightly.

The other boy did not look very amused, as he often didn't.  He calmly pointed to the magazine, a disgusted look forming on his usually expressionless face.  Louis gulped, feeling like he had done something horribly wrong.

"This.  Why are you reading that kind of thing?"

Louis's gaze immediately went down to the explicit magazine under his hands, not remembering why he had chosen to buy the magazine in the first place.  He wasn't the kind to be so open about staring at half-naked girls, was he?  His hands idly played with the corners of the glossy pages of the magazine as he tried to form words to explain what he had been doing with the magazine.

"I guess I was trying to see if any of them looked like a girl I'm looking for," he answered truthfully, flipping the page to another with a less scantily clad woman, though still in a rather provocative pose. 

Neil immediately wrenched the magazine away, looking down at Louis with an unreadable expression.  "Is she really the kind of girl to be in this?" he asked, holding up the item in question.

Louis laughed and shook his head, thinking back to the girl's stoic nature and her low tolerance for nonsense.  Neil had a point; there was no way she would be in the magazine, but Louis couldn't help looking in every magazine he saw for her.

"She reminds me of you, Neil," Louis remarked, in a sort of offhand way.  The other boy gave him a skeptical look before he went to throw out the magazine.  This caught the attention of a girl with medium-length black hair.  She trailed after Neil over to Louis's desk and leaned over to him.

"What did Neil just throw out?"  Her voice was soft, as if she wasn't used to speaking much.

"Err...hey Maria!  I think you'd rather not know," Louis said jokingly, waving his hand to dismiss the awkward subject.

"Louis's porn magazine," Neil answered in a clipped tone.

With wide eyes, Louis watched as Maria's cheeks turned a shade of red.  It was almost comical, if Maria wasn't looking at him the same way Neil had a few moments ago.

"It was for a good cause!" Louis quickly exclaimed.

Maria only drew back further.  " shouldn't bring that kind of stuff to school..."  Louis, with a horrified expression, looked to Neil for help explaining.  The nonchalant face the other wore in return said enough about how much Neil wanted to intervene.

No matter.  Louis wasn't the kind to just sit back and let himself be thought of as a pervert.

"I know, Maria, but listen.  Let me tell you two a story!" he offered, smiling as confidently as he could manage with the two scrutinizing stares aimed at him.

"What does that have to do with you buying a porn magazine?" Neil asked, ruining whatever trust Louis may have gained back from Maria.

"My good fellow, it has everything to do with me buying a porn magazine!" Louis replied, his smile as bright as ever.

"You see, it all starts out with a girl...named Nina..."

The End

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