A new beginning.

Not long ago, a clarity came to mind. It was the realization that our family was stronger than anything life could possibly think of. We always will have each other, and if we "eat past the pain", we can laugh about it later.

When I was younger, I never used to appreciate anything my family had to offer me. I was ungrateful, selfish, and unhappy; the epitome of a failure. After a few scares, and after many sleepless nights, I found myself talking to imaginary creatures that I had conjured so I wouldn't notice time. Eventually, my fantasy took over. I was falling into an abyss that had no exit.

One morning after the longest night of them all, the poetry on my walls showed me one small piece of writing, "smile sunshine." It was after those words embedded themselves into my brain, that I began looking for sunlight. My abyss was dark, hopeless, and smelled of despair and drugs. But with this discovery of sunlight! I began looking at things differently. I began to see foot-holes in the walls of my chamber. I started forming a strategy to get myself out.

It was then a calm voice reached through to me; my sister. She had no idea of my condition but she was there, extending her gentle voice into my ear. It was calming; to hear of things unrelated to my darkness. She spoke of irrelevant things truly, but they meant something to her, and in turn, came to mean something to me.

So started our friendship...

The End

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