To Mornings!

To Mornings!

 Feeling mischievous? Take a walk at dawn and see what you can see. Behold the serenity that fills the morning air, take in through the eyes the wise and ancient moon, remember that all who lived, lived under the sensual light of our moon.

How many people or places can you say that everybody has visited at one time or another. The moon pulls our tide and with it goes the nights and days of our mankind.

 Have you ever been the first one to awaken in a house full of the unconscious? Ever decided on that philosophical dawn reverie that can only be found between the hours of four am (4am) & eight am (8am) it feels like the whole world was made for you & you only.

So if you're ever up at dawn take a stroll toward the ancient East and wonder who was watching too.

The End

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