To Live or Die for it

This is a story about an older sister (Daisy) attempting to save her younger sisters(Emannuela) life from a rare disease with a new experimental drug. But when the intentions of the drug is to change human moods forever is taken, riots are bound to happen, in search of the one who stole it.

I was running so fast I couldn't look behind me, afraid i would trip and fall over. As I ran through nightfall, every street light that I came across had seemed like the last. I was afraid I had been running in circles. My heart beat like drums at a drumline and my breath screamed for a break, shooting sharp pains to my ribs and holding on tight from inside me. My brain yelled stop but the logic in me knew it could not be safe. My grip became tighter as my urge to stop or pass out had become strong. I wasn't sure if they had still been chasing me, but I didn't want to take a chance til I knew there was no other option. I was sure if they caught me, I'd be dead by the next morning. I wondered as my eye sight began to blur if this had all been worth it?

Finally on what read fifth street I had stopped in an alley, more or less sanitary than a overused public bathroom, and I waited for footsteps or strange voices. Usually passing cars had been awake at 12 am. I did not let the lumination of the moonlight hit me, nore did I allow my breathing to become uncontrollable in gasps for comfort. I looked in the bag and felt a sigh escape. The streets on fifth street had been desolate and there was no one near to suspect me as in the current time. But as I deciphered if it was safe to walk home or if paranoia of doing something perhaps morally wrong overcame me, I attempted to map out in my mind how far I was to "home."

I glanced at my black digital watch, and peaked out the brick wall for any sign of human life. First to the right and to the left. Stealing the latest drug out of the market had perhaps cost me any chance of ever being a normal human being with a normal life.

Life had rapidly underestimated me. I was not using this drug for the intention that most drug abusers seem to use it for, but I stole it, to save my sisters life.

The End

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