To Late to Say Sorry: Part IIIMature

      Standing outside in the rain was always something Celeb despised, but by this point he didn't care. He stood over Julies purse questioning her whereabouts when he heard a muffled scream from the direction of the park. Sprinting at top speed, Celeb made his way towards the area of the blood chilling scream.

"I pray it wasn't Julie.."

Celeb rounded the corner of Park Avenue and 164th street, and there laying on the ground in a pool of blood,was Julie Aroma.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

     "My god..." Celeb knelt down beside Julies bloodied body,"What happened to you...?"

Of course she didn't reply, for her very soul no longer resided within her body, not only did she endure a physical death,but she had also endured a spiritual death. Huge gaping wounds dotted her body and her eyes were glazed over, whatever sick person did this to her sure knew how to leave someone in a dead mess.

       Celeb remained by her lifeless body, even after the cops arrived on the scene after being tipped of by Bert. He had arrived not long after Celeb, and upon seeing Julies defiled body, he had puked up a storm THEN called the authorities.

     After the doctors shooed him away from the hospital, Celeb locked himself up in his room on the top floor of The Eagle. No one, not even Bert,could get him to come out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Why did my last words to you have to be what they were?" Celeb spoke softly to himself,"Of all the things I could've said...and done..."

 He stood and walked slowly to his window overlooking the surrounding area outside, "I love you Julie...I only wish you could hear me now...I'm so sorry that I did those things...said those things.."

"Indeed you are m' friend." A deep voice resounded from behind Celeb.

"Bert?" He didn't even bother to turn around.

"No,not him. Someone worse, far more worse and sick."

Turning, Celeb laid eyes upon a man in gold, yet he bore the eyes of a devil,"Who are you and why are you here?"

"I.." The golden man spread his arms," I am what some call the Night Stalker, whilst others call me the Devil." He smiled only to show bloodied teeth. "Now you see, I am not the Devil, I merely fulfill his desires, and he just happened to hear your call."

"My call?" Celeb was unsure of what this Golden armored man meant by 'his call'.

"Come with me...I have something to show you my friend." The Night Stalkers eyes pierced into Celebs very soul and caused Celeb to drop to his knees in agony, he screamed as loud as his voice box would allow, but no sound escaped.

"Hush now my child...I don't want to wake the demons..heheee" With those words the Night Stalker waved his hands over Celeb and the whole world plunged into darkness.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Where am I?
What happened?

  Celeb felt blindly around him for some sort of solid object but found nothing.

"Where am I?"

"Ah, Celeb, murderer of Julie, nice of you to join us!" Darkness surrounded Celeb yet the voice came from all directions.

"I did no such thing!!"

"Oh really now? You my child are mistaken, you killed her,you just don't want to accept the truth."

"Truth?! Tell me where I am!"

Julie stepped out from within the surrounding darkness then faded away into nothingness.

"Julie!!" Celeb reached out but fell.

Is this...dirt? Celeb felt around as the world came into existance.

"Yes Celeb, that is dirt. Do you recognize this place?" The voice of everywhere asked.

Yes...this is the playground where Julie and I first kissed...four years ago"

"Ah! So you do remember going back to that sandy place and kissing, hmmmm..."

The surroundings changed to Celebs room just nights before, when he and Julie fought.

"This is when you killed her child...this is where you slaughter your best friend."

No! I would nev-  Celebs thoughts cut off as he witnessed himself slapping Julie.

"Really now...look at her heart murdered her Celeb..look at you go child." The voice began to change into a females voice.

"Why did you kill me Celeb?" Julie stepped out from behind the illusion of herself, blood dripping down her cheeks, "Why did you murder me Celeb?"

"I didn't! I would never!"

"SILENCE YOU FOOL!!" The voice of the Night Stalker vibrated Celebs bones and Julie continued forward, blood trailing behind her.

"You broke my heart destroyed my soul, you summoned the Night Stalker to relieve me of the pain you gave me.." She brushed her cold dead hands over Celebs cheek, leaving the imprints of his own hand upon his cheek, "You murdered me my love..." She smiled and the illusion repeated itself, over and over again. Each time it became worse, each time Celeb cried out in agony as he was forced to watch himself beating Julie...killing her.

"This is only your doing my child." The Night Stalker spoke again as a deep rumbling echoed around Celeb and the undead Julie, "Perhaps you wish to see how she died?"

Please, make it stop! I'll do anything!!

Celeb cried out again but no words could leave his mouth.Again Julie stepped forward and interlocked her fingers with his, the feeling of death creeping up his wrist to his arm. "Why did you kill me Celeb?"

"Why? Why did you kill me my love? I loved you, how could you do this? Celeb...I loved you...why did you murder me Celeb?" Julies voice resided within his thoughts as he watched countless images of the Night Stalker tearing away at her body, violating it...defiling it. Soon those images changed into Celeb doing those terrible things.

"Julie!! I love you!!! Please forgive me!!!" Celeb fell to his knees as blood flowed around him.

"I'm sorry m' love..." Julie stepped forward with her heart in her hands, crimson blood trickling down her wrists, "It's to late to say sorry..."

The End

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