To Late to Say SorryMature

Celeb and Julie are two friends that have been through both the good and the bad since Pre-K. but now that they are 19, Julie realizes that she has feelings for Celeb. The problem is that Celeb is oblivious to those feelings. And one fateful night...Julie and Celebs' world falls into chaos.

      Julie Aroma, just a simple nineteen year old girl, strode down 164th Avenue all by her lonesome. But she wasn't afraid of being out at night, she was actually quiet accustomed to it. Pulling her cell phone out of the black messenger bag she carried, she flicked it open and pressed 1. Quick dial kicked in and Celebs phone began to ring, she really hoped he would pick up, after had been a whole month since she last saw him, and now that she was in his part of town she wanted to see her best friend again.

      Celeb Goroma, Julies best friend since Pre-K, heard his phone going off in the other room. Yet he didn't make any moves to go retrieve it, he didn't feel like moving from his spot on the couch. He had his Xbox and Modern Warfare 3, so there was no reason to move. Only thing that would make him move now was if his girlfriend walked in through the door, or if Julie showed up. But he managed to convince himself a few days earlier that his old friend wouldn't be coming back anytime soon, so why dream?


      Sighing in frustration and disappointment Julie closed her phone and gazed up at and around the tall buildings that reached for the sky. She knew that Celeb resided in ONE of those many rooms, the only problem was, she couldn't remember which one for sure. Racking her brain she fought to recall which building and room he lived in. She knew him well enough to know that he was most likely still in the same apartment he had lived in since they graduated from collage two years earlier.

      Julie and Celeb were to smart for there grade, so they had been jumped up a grade, therefore they were 17 when they graduated instead of the average 18 year old student. But out of the two of them, Julie was the thinker and Celeb was the enforcer. On many occasions, Julie would come up with some devine plan while Celeb would go out and set the events into action.

      Standing in the intersection of 164th street Julie now used her powerful thinking power to guesstimate where Celeb would be. There! The top floor of The Eagle, that's where he would be, or so she hoped.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Entering The Eagle was like walking into a dream come true which slowly but surely transformed into a nightmare. The bottom floors consisted of bright, alive colors while the chandeliers suspended in the air cast beautiful warm shadows around the rooms. Julie of course knew that Celeb could never afford this type of apartment room, so she took a deep breath and headed straight towards the single elevator at the end of the Lobby hallway.

"Phew...guess I'm lucky today" She thought to herself right before the elevator doors opened and a big burly man stepped out.
"Eh heh...." The one thing Julie hated most was getting TO Celebs top floor room because she'd always run into these deprived men and sometimes even women whom drooled over her.

"Why hello there little lady!" The big burly man shot a rather long and lingering gaze over Julie, admiring her appearance a little to much.

"Hi." Was all she could reply with as she attempted to squeeze past this man.

He held out his huge arm and blocked Julies' path to the open elevator, "Where are you off to little lady?" a huge sickening grin crept over his face,"Mmmmm?"

"To see a friend...could you let me by please kind Sir?" The words hurt to speak but it was the only way Julie could try and distract this rather big, creepy man.

"I'll be your friend for a night...what do you say?" He reached out with one of his chubby fingers and attempted to stroke Julies face,yet she stepped back with digust on her face.

"How bout I- " Julie began.

"Bert! Get away from her man! You know better." Celeb stood at the foot of the stairs off the the left of the elevator with a stern look on his face.

"Celeb!" Julie flung herself at him and he caught her in his warm embrace.

"Go prey on some other females,you know better than to mess with Julie." Celeb allowed the words to sink into Berts rather small brain.

"Julie.....Julie....that name...Julie?" He mused over the name and continued so as he left the Lobby and continued his journey downtown towards the local whorehouse.

Sighing in relief Julie lifted her head and gazed up into Celebs hazel eyes, comfort washing over her, "You arrived just in time...thank you.." she allowed the words to trail of as Celeb rubbed his hand around her upper back.

"No prob, I just happened to be on my way to Taco Bell when I stumbled upon this strange girl whom I figured would never venture to the dreaded 'Top Floor' to met this rather lame dude." He smiled smugly, "But I couldn't help but notice that she was in a bit of a pickle, so I decided to help her out. Perhaps I could take her out to get some food?"

Julie started to smile when Celeb added one last sentence onto his words, "I have this feeling she loves tacos."

"YES!!" Julie nearly jumped out of Celebs arms once she caught onto his invitation to dine with him, "It's just Taco Bell but hey! I fuckin love tacos!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    After a wonderful night of catching up while munching on tacos, Celeb and Julie returned to Celebs apartment in The Eagle. Sitting side by side on his couch with the T.V playing random stuff on a random channel, they replayed past events to each other all the way up to the present.

"So Celeb..." Julie allowed the words to linger before going on, "Have you missed me?"

Shock flashed across his face, "Of course! I've thought about you every day since you left!"

"So then...what if I asked you if you were taken?"

Celeb didn't answer for a few moments, "Well..." he spoke slowly and deliberately, "I'd say I was..."

Julie didn't allow any emotions display on her features as she continued onwards, "What would you say if I asked you who she was?"

Again, Celeb hesitated to answer, "Well...she's...a girl."

"Obviously she's a girl Celeb, I don't want you to be into men suddenly."

"Well....her name is Brenna.."

Julie lifted her self up off his shoulder and looked into his eyes, "Brenna who?"

"Brenna...the same Brenna whom you swore up and down and on your grandfathers grave that you hated." Celebs eyes fell downwards as he guiltily gazed at the floor.

"What?!" Julie jumped to her feet and stared wide eyed at him,"Why?!"

"Well...she's a sweet girl.."

"She's a fuckin hoe Celeb!" She spat back.

That set him off, rising to his feet he spat back a reply, "She is not a hoe!"

Nodding quickly Julie screamed back, "She's a fucking cunt! You know I hate her! Why would you do such a thing like dating her sorry ass?!"

"Call her a hoe one more time Julie. I dare you."

"She. Is. A. Fucking. Bitch. Ass. Hoe!"

Celeb, engulfed in rage, lifted his hand and smacked Julie flat across the cheek, leaving pulsing red marks where his hand and fingers came into contact with her skin.

"Did he just...?" Julie reeled in shock and pain from his violent slap.

"She's not a fuckin hoe, the only hoe around here is YOU Julie, YOU!" Hatred lined his words and continued to flow forth, "You are the bitch who came back here when you knew goddamned well that I would have moved on! And do you wanna know why?"

Before Julie could reply Celeb laid another slap across her face, "Do you!?"

Tears began to roll down her eyes as she nodded,only to please him.

"Because I NEVER loved you. Never."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Stepping back with tears streaming down her cheeks, Julie shook her head in emotional pain.
"No....your lying..."

Celeb stepped forward and shoved Julie towards the door to the hall, "Get. Out."

With tears in her eyes and hate in his. Celeb slammed the door in Julies' sorrow stricken face.

The End

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