The Jabber of the Jays

Ronan had left the cave early that morning, of course, to fish. I would've went hunting but that would've involved stealing his bow. As much as I longed for it, I couldn't betray his trust. He was the only thing keeping me safe.

But he wasn't here to keep me safe...

"Scout? Scout!?" A male shout echoed. Thoughtlessly, I ran out, hoping it was food being delivered. But no one was  in sight. "Scout! I told you not to run off like that!"

Then it hit me. I remembered it clearly. I'd run off in the forest, chasing a bird, when Jem got angry.

Jem? How can it be Jem?

"Impossible." I thought aloud.

Unless... Jabberjays...

The voice changed. "Are you ready 7?" It sneared. I felt sick as everything registered. "Are you ready to die!?"

No... Please no! Not again!

The Capitol couldn't hear my thoughts, and I was too afraid to say anything aloud. They wouldn't waste an opportunity like this. To drive a girl insane.

I opened my mouth, but it was too late. Jem was dying again.

His cries grow louder and more painful every second.

I sunk to my knees. Closing my eyes and clovering my ears. Tears streaming down my face.

Please... No...

*     *     *     *

Alexandra Finch and Maudie Atkinson sat in the corner of the living room. Atticus was there too, watching the Capitol torture his daughter.

"Why do you do this to yourself brother?" Alexandra asked in a whisper. "This would help her." He didn't reply. Though his face was extremely pale, there was little sign of emotion.

"Atticus, your sister's right." Maudie insisted. "Would Scout really want you to see her like this?" Scout was curled up in a ball, her hands over her head, so no one could see her face. The Jabberjays were growing louder, but she wasn't going to give in.

Alexandra burst into tears. "Please," She said through sniffles. "Please turn it off." Atticus turned his head towards her and saw the pain in her eyes. He stood, unplugged the ancient television and departed the room.

The front door slammed. He held his hat to prevent it from flying away. His face went red in a mix of guilt, fear, anger and the freezing air. The streets were deserted.

Nothing could be heard but faint birdsong.

The End

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