God of the Sea

I woke abruptly, feeling a shadow hanging over me. Before my eyes'd even opened, I flinched and tried to back away. This ended in an embarrassing cry of pain escape my mouth.

"Stay still." The male voice whispered softly. I looked upon his face. It glittered with a healthy golden tan. His eyes were ocean blue and his hair was night black. He seemed genuine and kind, but so did most in this Game. I tried to get to my feet. "I said stay still, Scout."

I sighed and forced myself to trust him. There was no way I'd stand any time soon, not without help anyway. I squinted my eyes at him. "You're that guy from 4, right? Sharq isn't it?" I observed.

He nodded. "Ronan Sharq." From his godly appearance I could only come to one conclusion, he was a fisherman. District 7 rumoured about the for a while when some Wanderers came through. They told us that they were tall, tanned and built from nothing but muscle. I had to look away to stop myself from staring too hard.

"How did I get here?" I asked, noticing I wasn't in the bushes anymore, but in an echoing cave.

He turned from me, depositing his knife in his rucksack. "I carried you here." He said. "You've been sleeping for 3 days."

I rubbed my temples hard. 3 days? Could I really've slept that long? "I thought you were never gonna wake up." He said with a smile.

"What did I miss?"

"Well, the girl from 9's dead." I didn't miss that, I thought darkly. "Two of the Careers are dead. And the girl from 12-"

"-wait." I interupted. "The Careers? Which one's? How?" I asked with genuine curiouslty.

"The guy from 1 and the girl that came with me. They were slaughtered by 8."

8? It couldn't've been the girl from 8. She's weaker than me. It must've been James. Dill's brother.

"So that's 12 of us left." I murmered. He nodded. The question stirred around in my head for a while. "Why did you bring me here?"

"I - Well, you were just lying there in the dirt, bleeding all over the ground. I felt sorry for you. Besides, if I left you, you'd've been killed."

I sniggered. "Y'know that's the idea, right?"

"I don't wanna feel guilty about leaving you. I didn't want to be the one responcable. Killing you'd be a waste of talent and beauty." His eyes sparkled with truth.

I blushed hot red. Beauty? Are you sure it's me you're looking at? Then it occured to me. That's why you've been watching me. It was the first time I'd even noticed that someone was in love with me.

The End

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