Why Didn't I?

Scout and Dill had been engaged since he was eight. She was one year younger than him, but he thought they were a perfect couple. Though neither of them had shown any interest in anyone else, they had never really seen each other as a couple. They weren't really in love. Well, Scout wasn't in love with him. Dill however, loved her with all of his heart. He was just too chicken to tell her.

When he found out she'd been chosen, he almost burst into tears. Even the possiblity of loosing her was agonizing. It wasn't that he doubted her, she was a fiery girl, but no matter how strong the tributes were there was always a Career twice her strength.

Reaping day was devestating for the entire family. Dill's eldest brother, James Harrison, had stepped in before the name had been drawn. District 8 was speechless. No one knew why.

It hit Dill hardest though. His brother and the love of his life were out to kill each other.

*      *     *      *

Why didn't I take that chicken? Or her water? Or her sleeping bag? You're so stupid Scout!

I knew why I didn't take anything. It was hers. I felt guilty enough just having murdered her, I felt it was only respectful to leave her belongings alone. A generous yet costly mistake.

My arm was still bleeding heavily, and the loss of blood was making my head spin. I took off my hooded jumper, shredded it to make bandages and ties them around the wound. Maybe it would help it to heal. I doubted it. And even if it did, I'd be cold tonight.

Nightfall came quickly. My stomach screamed for food, my throat for water, my arm for medicine. I ignored all three and stared at the sky. There she was, above the trees. I was right, she was from 9. Then I realised. She was my first kill, and I'd proven myself worthy.

The pain engulfed me and I was sucked into the darkness.

The End

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