Early Bird Catches the Worm

I flinched as the aroma of roasting chicken creeped under my nose. I'd been sleeping lightly and even the slightest things made me jump. I was stilll fairly shaken by my encounter with the Careers.

From my tree I could see her clearly. I wasn't sure which district she as from, but from her appearance I guessed it was 9 or 10. Dusty blonde hair was spun and tied at the back of her head.Her eyes were wide and watching. Smokey flames flared behind her. What are you doing?! We're supposed to be hiding.

What now? I can't just leave her there to show everyone we're here. But what can I do? The thought hit me hard. I'll have to kill her. I'll have to kill her before someone else does, 'cos they're sure to kill me too.

Gipping the handle of the knife tight I dropped from the branch. She stumbled backwards though I fell off balance on impact with the ground. When I got to my feet the girl looked as if she was going to cry. C'mon Scout. Don't be a chicken. I saw a shining strip of metal at my feet. Carefully, I picked up the second blade and threw it to her. It  fell into the undergrowth and she stared at it in terror.

"Pick it up!" I barked. It wasn't meant to sound so cruel, but I was scared. At the end of this, it could be me dead. "I'm not killing you unarmed." Why would you say that Scout!? She'll never pick it up now, unless she has a strange death wish. "And if I don't kill you, the Careers will. It'll be quick here."

"Don't bet on it!" She yelled, hurdling at me. I jumped back and she staggered. I panicked. Starting to shake, I ran at her. Everything was blurring, and I could only hear our shrieks. What were you thinking Scout? If you'd just left her alone someone stronger would've done this for you!

Screaming, I dropped my knife. Blood spat from the huge chip in my arm. She wobbled and had to balance herself on a tree. We were both as scared as each other. However, she recovered before I did. I'm going to die.

She threw herself at me. It happened in a second. There it was. My knife, clean and glittering in the sun. Then, I felt it again. I pounced up as she caved over me.

A brief breath escaped her mouth.

It took a moment for me to realise what I'd done.

"Sorry." I muttered in her ear. "I'm so sorry." I ripped out the knife and the cannon sounded.

The End

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