Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I woke as the crimson sun crossed under the horizon. I'd slept all day, and hadn't been spotted. In the darkness of twilight I felt confident for my safety.

The Capitol anthem blared. The sky lit up with faces.

The female from 2...

Both from 5... and 6...

The male from 9 and 10...

Everything went silent again, as abruptly as it has started.

The Careers from 1 and 4, with the male from 2. Both from 3, 8, 11 and 12. The girl from 9, Drake and Me. 7 down. 15 to go.

*    *    *    *

The Careers were on her tail. She dashed through the trees, auburn hair flying back from her face. She was flustered and paniced, she knew she wouldn't make it much further.

If only I'd went for that bow. I could've helped her, I could've shot those Careers dead. But I didn't so I couldn't.

How stupid can you get Scout? You have nothing but a knife, and what use is that to you? You can't throw and most of the others have decent weapons.

From through the brambles I had an excellent  view of the attack. There were only three Careers, the other two must've been pursuing another helpless child. Here was the boy and girl from 1 and the boy from 2. All three carried bloody blades, and 2 held a trident in his right hand. I held my breath.

Why aren't you doing anything!? Why are you just sitting there!? A glimmering sword hacked into  her shoulder. I tried not to react to her screams. Scout, don't be such a coward! You can't just leave he there to die because you're scared!

I was scared, no doubt about it, but I wasn't ready to die for a stranger. That took the courage that I'd always lacked. Courage was a trait that was only found in the men of the Finches, and still most of the  lacked it. Jem had bucket-loads of courage. If only he'd let me borrow some.

I flinched as the cannon sounded. The Careers strolled away, blood dripping from them. They laughed as they exited the scene. How could you be so cruel? How could you kill someone like that?

That is something that I never understood. When I was young I asked my brother. Of course, he didn't know, so we consulted Atticus. He explained that people deal with pain and grief in different ways. He said maybe killing is how they deal with their fear of death. Despite the horrors they crated we were told not to judge them, at home they were probably kind, loving people. Innocent until proven guilty, he'd say. I assume this view changed when Jem was killed. Or, at least, I hope so.

The End

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