Crimson Sunsets

60... 59... 58...

The clock ticked down.

47... 46... 45...

I glances from side to side at my enemies.

34... 33... 32...

There was that boy. The one from District 4. The one that was watching me in training.

10... 9... 8...

My stomach churned like never before. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't remember.

7... 6... 5...

What did Natasha say?

4... 3... 2...

I'm going to die.

1... The gong sounded.

I threw myself from the platform and onto the green meadow. The Cornucopia glittered in the sun. So did the many weapons that were housed inside. Knives, bows, spears, tridents. Bags of food, sleeping bags, clothing.

We were throwing ourselves into a bloodbath for clothing? That is the most absurd thing I've even heard.

At the edge stood a brown rucksack. It was mine.

I flew at it with amazing speed, doudging between various slaughters. It crashed on my back as I ran. But everyone else had the same idea, and I had nothing to arm myself with. Why didn't I go for the bow?!

A young girl running just ahead of my fell with a scream. I ground to a halt. A knife! I said a silent prayer and ripped the blade from her chest. The blood soaked my palms, but I tried to ignore it.

Sweat ran down my spine, sticking the ends of my hair to the back of my neck. Screaming filled the air, along with the sickening stentch of blood. My body cried at me to stop, to just give up. No, not that easily!

The deeper into the forest I pushed myself, the quieter everything became. I'd never been so glad for peace. Dumping my sack on the ground, my knee gave way. The cold undergrowth felt nice against my hot skin. I closed my eyes, taking in the calm. I didn't expect to be getting a lot of it. When I opened them I saw that I'd spilt the contents of my pockets.

Leaving my token lying cold on the floor.

*    *    *    * 

Bristel, the stylist, secured the belt around my waist. I'd tried to do it myself, but I'd been shaking too violently.

He smiled reasurringly, something I'd grown used to. "I have something for you." His head reached into his pocket and retrieved a price-less gift. The watch was made from glistening gold, with a long chain attachted to the end.

I pratically snatched it from him in disbelief. "Where did you get this?" Of course, I knew who it was from.

"Just after you left on the train a man came to the Justice Building. I think he'd been seeing someone. You I pressume." He paused and I nodded. "He begged that this be delivered to you." I swirlled the outer shape in my fingertips. "He said he didn't want a scratch on it when he gets it back."

Don't worry Atticus, I whispered, It'll be safe with me.

The End

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