Golden Bows and Silver Knives

I woke the next morning still slumped against the door. After I'd finished crying I fallen into a peaceful, dream-less sleep.

Digging through my wardrobe, I sigh as there was little to my taste. Finally, at the very back, I find a pair of chocolate brown dungurees and a casual white shirt. I settled into them comfortably. My hair was in a dusgraceful state but I was too lazy to brush it, so I tied it back messily. Taking a breath, I stepped out of my room.

Everyone was where I'd left them night before, sitting at the dinning table. I take my seat and rip open a warm bread roll without even thinging about it. Yesterday, my stomach had been screaming for food, but I ignored it. Now, I was making up for it.

"Slow down Scout." Drake said over the table cheerfully. "They're not gonna run out of bread." I didn't care.

Natasha cleared her throat and I glanced down at her. "We didn't get to talk about your tactiks last night." I could see she was trying to be sympathetic, but it wasn't working. Her voice was tough.

I shook my head. "I don't have tactiks. I don't have strengths. I don't have any chance whatsoever of winning this, so I think you should save your breath for him." I gestured towards Drake.

It could be seen clearly in her eyes. Her burning brown eyes. She was more than angry.

A silver flash flew before my face. I ducked. It came back in the opposite direction. I stubbled back.

Natasha stood with the knife firmly in her hands.

"C'mon Scout!" She shouted. "Get up and prove that you're not pathetic like your brother!"

I breathed out in what appeared to be a chuckle. Pathetic? You've done it now!

Jumping up I threw my fists at her. She dodged easily, bringing the knife back. Blood trinkled down my cheek. Your going about this all wrong, Scout. When she attacked again I grabbed her wrists. I brought my knee up violently into her stomache and the blades twanged against the floor.

In a blur they were in my hands, and at her neck.

"You don't have strengths!?" She quoted, laughing hard. "Oh, you're funny Scout! You really are!"

I'd forgotten all about Choux and my fellow tribute, who were standing utterly gobsmacked. "Honestly Natasha," Choux shrieked. "You're getting less lady-like ever year!" Drake just stared at us. I removed the silver blade from my mentor's neck and stabbed it into the table.

I know what's going on. It's part of her master plan. The fighting, the blood. It's all against the rules. I've been attcked before I've even arrived at the Capitol, never mind in the arena. I can hear it now. Scout, the rebelious one...

My scarred cheek and I pulled up at the Capitol not long later.

"Here goes nothing." I said, stepping out into another world.

The End

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