The Runaway Train

I took a long breath as the train departed. Alone, at last. Or almost alone anyway. Choux Pip was roaming around various different carriges talking to the staff in the shrilly tone. I sat down on the violet chair, wriggling to get comfortable. For a moment I close my eyes, but they flickered open as I heard someone step into the room.

The boy was tall. Really tall. His black hair fell like jagged cliffs over his brow. A pair of lime eyes glanced down at me.

His hand raised from his side, and he waved and smiled mildly. "Hi Scout."

I'd seen him around at school, but he was older than me so we didn't share any classes. I should have no problems taking him out in the arena. Moral problems anyway.

"I'm Drake." He said awkwardly, trying too hard to make conversation. "I-em... I am - was friends with Jem."

"What makes you think I care!?" I shouted harshly. Anger had rushed into me from no where. I slumpted back and tried to pushed it away. "Did you know him well?" I muttered. He was making an effort, the least I could do was the same.

He shook his head. "Not really. But then again, no one did." It was true. With the exception of Dill, Atticus and I, Jem spoke very little. And even to me he didn't speak much. I had to read his body language to know what he was thinking, and that was harder than having a discussion with a rock.

After another silence Choux walked in, accompanied by another woman. She clearly wasn't from the Capitol. She was dressed head to toe in military styled gear. Camofladge trousers, brown army cap, muddy black boots. Definatly a District girl. I couldn't tell which though.

"This is Natasha." Choux squealed merrily. "She'll be your mentor." Drake appeared strangly excited. I, however, was less enthusiastic. Who could blame me.

We sat down to dinner later than I was used to. Before me meat, a rainbow of vegatables and pyrimids of cakes stood as bold as Choux Pip did. As tempted as I was, I wasn't in the mood to eat. Drake and Natasha were quite happy discussing tactiks without me, so I retreated.

"'scuse me. It's been a long day." I muttered as I walked away.

I closed the door behind me, and fell back against it.

Cold tears streamed down my face.

I don't want to die...

The End

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