All Over Again.Mature

Death was inevitable. The body could only take so much. Agony, so intensified, that it failed to exist for him. An equilibrium of painlessness was achieved. In the last seconds of his life, Anuj lived it once again. All over again.

Working in a BPO had been the only choice for him, he had passed school and college without showing much flair. He had a cozy lifestyle, all thanks to his rich Dad, who expected him to join the family business after completing his education. But he was not sure that he wanted to spend the rest of his life selling tyres, so he decided to join the call center industry. He received calls, he answered them through a pre-mugged script and got twenty thousand bucks for it. He was not happy, but happier than he would be doing his Father's business, or so he thought.

Life began for him when he fell in love. He had had a couple of girlfriends before but this was something that completely knocked him over. He never knew that a person could feel so deeply for someone else, so deeply that the idea of oneself completely vanished from the mind and what remained was just the thought of the other.

Her name was Priya. She was the new girl in his batch, worked on the desk next to him. At first, he found in her a true friend, someone who was always interested in him, someone with whom he could share anything that he wanted to. And then one thing led to another and she became a part of him, without him realizing the magnitude of her importance in his life. They were inseparable mates, and the transformation of friendship to love remained undated and unsaid. Until she had to go away.

" Its just for a month, she is my sister, I have to be at her wedding!" she said.

"But, boss will be pretty fucked up, you just cant go like that!" said Anuj, trying to sound plausible and believable.

She smiled at him, and he looked away pretending to look at somebody that did not exist. 

"I have had a word with boss, and he is pretty cool with it, so no worries. Okay pretty boy?"

"Don't call me that. Fine you go, its just a marriage , I fail to understand why you have to go a month early."  he added, fighting a loosing battle.

"But there are loads of things to be done, the traditional Indian marriage is one hell of a business to carry about." 

"Okay you have fun" said Anuj in a dead voice, and walked away to his cab.

Priya was left alone, standing at the main gate of IR Energiser  Corp. Ltd. She kept looking as his cab disappeared, lost in thought, and then shrugged herself to her own cab. 

The frivolities of the next month were enough to drive out that weird conversation. She had been there for a month, and not once had Anuj texted or called. She found this a little odd, but knowing Anuj and his careless nature, she did not dwell much into it.

She walked in to the office next day and saw Anuj on his chair staring at the computer screen. Next to his cubicle, was another girl ,sipping coffee, some newbie perhaps who did not even take notice when she entered. As she got closer the clatter of her sandals made Anuj look up to her. His face was unshaved and he looked as if he had not slept for days. He burst into a smile when he saw her, got up hurriedly almost knocking his chair over, but suddenly turned stiff and dead serious.

Priya was a little shocked, as he walked towards her. He was looking nervous as if he might puke any second . Finally he gathered his voice and blurted out the words that she will never forget throughout her life.

"I love you, and if you ever leave me again like this......."

The new girl spilled her coffee on the keyboard.

The End

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