No stopping.Mature

"Please stop! You will hurt yourself" a little voice in his head was screaming. A voice he could recognize , it was a female voice. And he hated it now. "SHUT UP YOU BIIIITCCH! " he screamed to no one in particular, thrusting the accelerator harder, tearing the hundred and fifty mark this time.

The scenery was not flying by now, it was swooshing by.He had had enough, it was time to fly, time to leave everything behind. Speed was the engine, rage was the fuel. He was going to set himself free. He had a stupid image in his mind that made him smile. An insane smile.

He imagined the car going so fast that the wheels were on fire. The road was nothing but a blur of grey. He laughed now, or he thought he did. He did feel a sense of relief passing through him, the accelerator was fully pressed now, the speedometer needle was vibrating a little under the Two hundred kmph mark.

But in his mind he had already broken the sound barrier, he could just hear a faint vibration, a buzzin sound that was getting stronger by the minute. He was no longer in his car, he was riding a burning meteor, a meteor that was ripping even the  vaccume that it passed, leaving a brilliant flash of burning hateful fire behind it.

He was now in a state of mental ecstasy that was almost sexual in nature. The intercourse was becoming vigorous and passionate, the heat was immense. It was approaching its climax, a peak point. Anuj could feel it coming, for the first time since yesterday, his mind was free, completely naked of any burdening and painful thoughts. His forehead was pressed intensely, his brown eyes were closed to little slits, his lips were drawn into a half smile. Freedom. That was the only word in his head. freeeedom. The accelerator was pressed to its maximum limit, but his leg was still hell bent on choking it. Like every intercourse, this too was approaching an orgasm, a climax. He could feel it. His breath was held, a frozen half smile on his face, he slowly closes his eyes. It was time to fly.

The Sardar truck driver saw nothing before his truck was smashed to bits. In the last moments of his life, he told his wife at the hospital that he thought 'a black missile' hit him. He died of multiple fractures and internal bleeding.

The End

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